Monday, June 23, 2008

Double dipping on BBBB quotes

Google Alerts tipped me off to a mention of SABO in a post over at Checking it out, I discovered that contributor Justin Van Kleeck repeated my quote from Mike Klesius's January 2007 National Geographic article on hummingbirds. Scrolling down, I was even more delighted to see that the first comment paraphrased one of Tom's favorite observations about hummingbirds as quoted by Richard Conniff in "So tiny, so sweet--so mean," an article originally published in Smithsonian Magazine (September 2000) and condensed and reprinted by Reader's Digest (May 2001).

You can read the Nat Geo article here, but I couldn't find the full Smithsonian article on line. Too bad, since it earned author Richard Conniff the John Burroughs Association essay award for 2000. You can read part of it here. (This should come as no surprise, but I was the other guide Conniff quoted in his opening paragraphs.) --SW

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MarkN said...

Wow, nice photos! Makes me wish I was back in green AZ instead of brown-turning MN (we finally got some generous rain yesterday after a month's absence). To celebrate the time of year, put some food on a stick (anything will do) and it's like the MN State Fair...