Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ooh! Ooh! Blue purple! Blue purple!

That was Tom's brother's response on seeing a male Varied Bunting for the first time. As a law professor, Bob was seldom at a loss for words, but a sunlit view of this spectacular songster against the San Pedro River's brilliant green cottonwoods totally tied his tongue.

Unlike their more cold-tolerant Lazuli cousins, Varied Buntings arrive right around the end of the spring birding season. We just saw the first of the season in our yard this week, perhaps the same one that stopped by last summer for a sip at our dripper:

If they were more regular visitors to our yard, it would be tempting to swelter in the photo blind for a few hours in hopes of getting a more flattering portrait. —SW
 The Sibley Guide to Birds


Dawn Fine said...

Blue purple purple..tee hee..I love it! I do things like that when I get excited. Or jump up and down carefully as not to frighten the bird.

I am on a personal have bloggers put in a link or gadget to their blog so that people like me who want to be notified by email when the newest post is out would have that ability.

If you go on my blog you see I have subscribe by email button.

I do use google reader..but I recently created a separate email address just for my favorite blogs.

It should be an easy add..and I find family members really like this.

Anyway..thats my latest blogger campaigh.
Hope to see you in Arizona...we will be there in Jan or feb.
and wish to get together a Bird/Nature blogger/ twitter/ chirptracker get together! What do you think about that?

Bisbee Border Birder Bloggers said...

Thanks, Dawn! Coincidentally, just yesterday I was looking for an e-mail subscription button on one of my favorite blogs and couldn't find one. Thanks to your nudge, there's now an e-mail subscription form on BOTB and a e-mail subscription link on Life, Birds, and Everything (Wordpress doesn't allow the javascript that creates the form - bummer).

Great to hear that you'll be back out our way this winter - let's start planning that blogger/twitterer/chirptracker meet-up as soon as you've got dates in mind.