Monday, May 25, 2009

Blue wave!

I just stepped out the door to check on a couple of recent transplants in the garden when a male Blue Grosbeak whizzed by about a foot from my face. I watched him land in a mesquite at the edge of the road and realized that there was another male sitting on the opposite side of the same bush...and another in the mostly-dead ailanthus. Then a female popped up out of the bottom of the same bush and a fourth male zoomed in for a landing between the first two. Wow! —SW


Dawn Fine said...

How cool! Are Blue Grosbeaks a common site there this time of year?
Shouldnt they be migrating further north? I guess I should check my sibleys!
My husband and I went on a birding day to Mexico with you both...a few years back..had a great time..should be in Arizona next winter..hope to stop by SABO and say hello!

Bisbee Border Birder Bloggers said...

Hi, Dawn. They're among the later migrants, usually showing up in pretty good numbers by mid May. This seems like a late wave, but maybe they were held back by the unsettled weather over the last week.

Tom and I will look forward to seeing you on your next pass through SE AZ, and in the meantime I'll keep up with your adventures through your blog. --SW