Monday, August 23, 2010

A lovely creature however you pronounce it

The lush monsoon grasses are setting seed, and waves of Lazuli Buntings from the north are feasting. This gorgeous male was among many at Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area yesterday morning.

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North AmericaWhen you see one of these, what do you say?

"Look! There's a La-ZOO-lee Bunting!"?

"Why, I believe that's a LAZ-oo-lie Bunting!"?

Or maybe "Check out the the little blue dude!"?

Leave a comment with your favorite pronunciation, or take the poll in the sidebar. --SW

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Shawneen said...

Great question. Brings up many pronunciations like Pile-ee-ate-d versus Pill-ee-a-ted, etc.

Personally I have always pronounced it as the gem Lapis Lazuli is pronounced which is according to various online dictionaries is LAZ-oo-lie or LAZ-oo-lee. Most of the pronunciations were of the latter ending in "ee".

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