Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sleepy girls

The chicks are bringing out my dormant maternal instincts. While slaving over a hot computer, I felt a pang of guilt about leaving them in their tub so long. I scooped them out and carried them into the home office hoping they'd just fall asleep in my lap while I worked. They tried but had trouble getting comfortable (I'm just not fluffy enough). Spying an old knit cap stuffed into the bookshelf, I tucked them inside where they soon fell asleep. Gradually Pearl, Grace, and Bonnie got too warm and wormed their way out of the cap until they were piled on top, leaving Joni tucked inside with just her fuzzy blond head sticking out. They stayed that way for more than an hour, until after Tom returned home from work (and brought me the camera). —SW
City Chicks: Keeping Micro-flocks of Chickens as Garden 
Helpers, Compost Makers, Bio-reyclers, and Local Food Producers Raising Chickens For Dummies


Anonymous said...

Adorable! Does this mean I now have chicken cousins??

Dawn Fine said...

hee hee..I am looking at the photo..and thinking humm..hat with strange furry side.
then u say they are your little fluff balls.. I am trying to see each individual..and I click on it ..but it looks like one big fluff..cant tell who is who..Cute!